Paid or Organic

Paid or Organic. That is the Question!


Paid or Organic traffic







It seems to be a resounding story with the other affiliate marketers that I associate with.


It takes considerably more time to come up with content and manage the traffic that we want to generate with an organic traffic strategy that involves blogging.


Then over time, the common complaint becomes, “I’m spending more considerable time on coming up with blog content – than the time I need to spend capturing and building my audience from other organic or even paid traffic sources such as TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, X or even Quora!”.


Firm Believer

As an affiliate marketer, I’m a firm believer of Dean Holland’s teachings to stick with one organic traffic source and one paid traffic source and master them before moving on to others.


But still it becomes a juggling feat to figure out how to best balance my time spent on the blogging over my paid traffic source which is Facebook Lead Ads.

I don’t know about you, but I’m finding it hard to transfer over to using the “Meta” name over Facebook.


Jasper, My AI Voice Narrator

Regardless, I had been trying to facilitate wrapping the recordings of my AI voice narrator, Jasper around some video creations of Dean’s.


I get a lot of satisfaction out of making those video creations, but given the time it takes – the frequency of my blog postings certainly suffers.


Paid or organic certainly comes into play on time consideration.


Even though this blog is effective in capturing Your attention, I must admit that the Facebook Lead Ads capture more attention.


And as a result, It appears that I spend more time on following up with my Facebook Lead Ad audience than I do with my blogging audience.


An Agreement

So, for you – when you come to an agreement that affiliate marketing IS the perfect online business model to start with – you may have to strategize on how to best maintain the amount of time you spend on your chosen paid or organic traffic sources.


Before you DO come to that agreement, have a listen to Dean as he tells us what we need to know, learn and do to be successful affiliate marketers.



In Conclusion

I HAVE come to that agreement and I concentrate on those four core areas.


And even though I have had a four figure month – there is still more work for me to do.


I am seeing far too many seniors coming out of retirement in order to take on day jobs to further fund their retirement years.


Don’t let that be you.


It is my hope that you too can be in a position to either quit your day job or be like me and take pride in no longer looking for a day job AFTER reaching some affiliate marketing success.


Let me know in the comments if you are agreed.


And if you’d like to hear more on what Dean Holland (the guy in the video) has to say, he talks about having a proven plan to follow in this blog post –


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