New Community

It’s week 28 and we are talking about the new community on the Skool platform.

New Community

Generally there is moderation happening. We want to keep it a safe environment.


Invitations went out last Thursday and about 75ish have signed up but another 50 have not.


Everyone with an active Affiliate System account will get an auto invite to the Skool Community.


It starts with filling in a profile along with social links and a small bio.


Some moderation has happened for what’s not allowed in the group but moderation is not the focus.


So today will be an open conversation on the new community.


Shares on the Moderation Stance

Together we are a team. I made the comment about the PRO meeting yesterday:

“My key take away from the PRO meeting was that a blog is not necessarily a text book lesson – but more so a conversation between two friends.”

We will have a discussion about this today.


The Skool Interface

There is messaging that can happen in the community. There is of course two posts STEP 1 and STEP 2 with instructions to follow and to introduce ourselves. Activity and likes will open up  rewards. Dean wants us to be active with the caution to not spend a lot of time on.


The interface includes the ability to ask the community questions.


Another example for us – making a mistake and announcing to the community – don’t do this.


Or maybe I found something that works and make a post to help others.


The community is not the be all of what I am doing. More so we should be working on our business and just use Skool as a tool. In other words do not be points driven.


Step 1


Be kind and polite. Treat everyone how I want to be treated.


We are here to help and support everyone. No promotions.


No pitching members in the direct messenger.


We are of course a private community so that kind of thing is likely not going to happen.


Aim to give more than I take as soon as I am able to.


Generally speaking – just starting out – we are more on the asking side.


But as soon as we are able – we should give value to the community.


9 out of 10 Facebook groups we do not spend a lot of time there as there really is not much value there.


If you get value – give the person a like.


No meaningless comments or points – trying to gain points in the system.


One potential pitfall to over like things and trick your way to the prizes.


Some posts that were removed

An explanation of what posts were removed…not even doing things wrong but…


In running the Facebook group if Dean could start over he would ask what would he do different.


There were a few posts removed and they were one sentence quotes copied and pasted into the group.


There is value in motivational quotes. But looking ahead – what if there were 50 of these per day and those people are getting likes because of that. Quotes and no context. Right now there is no issue but there is danger of this happening.


So quotes are likely not the best for the community. A quote should come with further context of the affect it has on you.


Operations here will be different than what we come to expect in a social setting. This environment is more so a private community. Perhaps it’s better to treat this community as a blog post.


And a final note in STEP 1 is that we should not share AI generated content.


Other Skool Settings

Note the profile that I can update and various settings on messaging etc..


Categories was mentioned for our posts.


Nothing on the calendar yet – perhaps in July.


The meeting continues with the answering of 5 questions.



First and Second from CJ

In Week 26 the video appears to have ended before the announcement which was in fact about the Skool announcement. Dean will look at to see if the cut off video can be rectified.


CJ would like to do research and he is used to taking deep dives into databases. I would agree that data sources would  be nice to have to get that type of research done.


On a whim Dean searched out “Statista”. It empowers people with data.


Alison mentioned that Depesh Mandela has an AI software that does a breakdown on a 5W Avatar and she will post a resource later.


Questions from Alison

Alison notes that her Facebook Lead Ad emails were going directly to SPAM.


Dean suggests the checking the technical aspects such as DMARC.


Email content needs to be reviewed. Email sender reputation is important too.


New email addresses need to be warmed up slowly.


Alison also asks about reporting of stats on emails sent via sequence or broadcast.


The best advice is to search contacts based on the tags they have. Each email would have a unique tag.


Alternately click on an email in the Workflow -> Statistics -> then view details will show the stats for that email.


Tony also offers a suggestion for broadcast emails to search on email subjects.


Questions from Sarah

How to maintain a high level of motivation but when I feel like progress is slow and doubt and demotivation creeps in. It happens to all of us is the first comment. Need to find something that works for you. Such as listening to something that picks you up. It’s the info you take into your brain and the environment you are in that affects your whole being.


Drill it into your brain the positive thoughts you need. Choose to change the message that is putting you into a funk.


For Dean, he would go to listen to Tony Robbins. He has recordings, books and we all have access to YouTube content.


Music can be powerful. Typically news will do the opposite. Listen to the right type of info to support me and turn it around. Kate offers that Joe Dispenza is another motivator. Choose to plug into that which feeds info into your head, soul, and heart to support the challenge you are facing.


We go through cycles – Dean does so a few times per year. When he works hard on something that does not pay off the way he had hoped – type of scenario. It’s not depression but it typically hangs a cloud over Dean for a few days then he gets back to it. There are ways to avoid getting there in the first place.


Another question from Sarah is about filming content in front of people – she is feeling very embarrassed. Dean even says he feels like this. He doesn’t like to film in front of his wife. e feels a bit silly in the presence of others. Dean believes it just comes down to practice.


One thing that helps Dean – he doesn’t feel embarrassed video calling to his wife using WhatsApp. Essentially this is the same – does anyone know any different – are you having a conversation with someone. The strangeness ensues when talking to your phone with people around. But it comes down to having to practice. Or find a private place to do the recordings.


Edmond with a Facebook Lead Ad Questions

Affiliate System will not tell us about clicks linked. We need to go to the partner back office.


It’s always a healthy thing to do – test your email before  they go out. As far as targeting goes…the messaging of what brings people onto my email list. For me I was speaking to newbies when in fact I wanted to be talking to those who already had some experience with online marketing. So tighten up the messaging I use to bring people onto my list.


We must spell things out – or our readers will come in with their own pre-conceived ideas.



I hope you found value from reading over our Beginners Advantage Coaching in Week 28. We reviewed our use of Skool for our Affiliate System Community. Check out any of my links in the sidebar (or below this post if on mobile) to see if any of the programs spark interest to get an affiliate marketing business going; and then to become a certified partner and join our community. I’ve heard recent word that the Affiliate System itself will be once again open for joining in a couple of weeks time.

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