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I am into week 26 of the Beginners Advantage Coaching sessions.

My Mentor, Dean – reminds us we are encouraged to move at our own pace…but we should not stop moving.


For a bit of a change I thought I would take notes during our Week 26 Coaching session for your perusal.


I AM hoping to grow and scale my online buisness with affiliate marketing with the intent to make money online and I’m not where I want to be yet – but I do indeed intend to succeed. If you have interest in persuing a similar online venture – simply provide your email to get on my list and I will start you off with a good short training video to get you going with the help you deserve.


Alternately if you’d like to read similar topics, check out my Con Ed post over on my other blog – RobertKleinOnline.



Today’s Topic

Social selling is the craft of using social media to make money.


Often people become too reliant on thrid party tools making them believe they do not need to – for instance – need an email list to build an audience.


Platforms like Facebook could shut you down – then what?


There are two ways to social selling:

  1. Outbound selling
  2. Inbound selling

Looking at each…




  • Reaching out to people to engage them in a conversation that can potentially lead to a sale.
    (kind of like cold calling)


With outbound and using Facebook as an example, I’m growing my list of people who are looking to make money online.


These are our friends – as Facebook calls them. And we are sending direct messages to them to engage them in a conversation.


We guide the conversation to find out more about them so we can determine how we can help them.


For example, The Iceberg Effect or even the Accelerator program might be what they need.


We can learn what challenges our friends are facing and if applicable you can connect them with an offer.


That offer could simply be directing them to visit my blog (you are here at one of them) or even join my email list.


This could be used to get more followers on my blog or on my list. I could mention the free training that my mentor has in exchange for them offering their email address.


A little further down the line they may be interested in following through on an offer.




  • Having people reach out to you giving you the opportunity to engage them in a conversation that can potentially lead to a sale.


With inbound it starts with me. I am posting my content where I give call to actions to do something.


…such as if you are interested to learn more, “Leave a comment on my post”. You can even ask them to leave a one word comment such as, “blog”, or “video”. Or you could give a call to action to direct message me and I’ll send you over the link.


Through this call to action, my audience is essentially raising their hand, “I am interested”.


I can reply to a comment with a direct message. Then say that you sent that message on the platform.


That starts the conversation as similar to the Outbound scenario.


The whole process entails the details of the four core areas:
Traffic, Capture, Follow-up and Offers.

Chapter five of The Iceberg Effect – I believe…here let me check:

Social Selling Blog Post


You might keep the convesation going for up to a week. You don’t want to come across as you are bugging them like an annoying person…just come across as you want help.



For both

My sole goal is to find people I can help.


…with me on social media on my primary social media platform, actively growing my audience.





Direct Messaging is the better way to engage an audience – the most effective way…

Determine the best chance for getting a response. It is a little more private…a little more personal.


For us certified partners, we might be having questions as to how to do this.


In the Certified Partner area of Internet Profits there is a course for the FB Messenger Free Traffic Course.


One of Internet Profits prior coaches went out on his own and he now sells a program called The DM Academy.


James is his name and he sells that course for a couple grand-ish. But as Certified Partners we have access to this for free!


So I say to you, please make a comment below with, “Certified Partner” if you have interest in belonging to the community and you believe the DM Academy would be of benefit to you.

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